Scientific Reprint Collections Conference American Philosophical Society 1984 with comments by Will Provine and others

. When we acquired a sea container of offprints from Will Provine in mid-2013, it contained offprints collected by early pioneers in the field of Genetics including: Edmund B. Wilson, Theodor Boveri, E. M East, Correns, Sewall Wright, and many others.  Cloning researcher Robert H. Foote also of Cornell, L.C.Dunn and many others.  Provine threw a  wide net and collected reprints (offprints) from many important researchers.  I enjoyed our phone and email discussions about  Sewall Wright, Barbara McClintock, and other important folks he had interacted with over the years.  It was wonderful to read his words from the 1984 conference sent to me by a thoughtful collector.   Rhett Moran   can be viewed via pdf

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