as a major part of our being : SAVING KNOWLEGE DEFEATING HUNGER WE RECEIVED MANY DONATIONS OF SALABLE  BOOKSI AND OTHER MEDIA IN 2023  IN MANY LANGUAGES WHICH WE WERE ABLE TO FIND HOMES FOR  ,  OF COURSE  IF YOU BUY A BOOKTHROUGH OUR WEBSITE OR OTHER SITE ONLINE FROM US    25% of each purchase through our website will go automatically to either fighting hunger THROUGH SOUP KITCHENS OR FOOD PANTRIES.  or providing vitamins to pregnant women or   children under the age of 5 to keep them healthy,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 thank you for your valuable time     BUT PLEASE REMEMBER US TO YOUR FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS, INSTITUTIONS, CHURCHES THAT MIGHT HAVE BOOKS TAKING UP ROOM THEY OR YOU MIGHT WISH TO DONATE TO US PLEASE HAVE THEM OR GIVE US A CALL AT 607-217-4328. WE ACCEPT DONATIONS 7 DAYS A WEEK AT 184 ROBINSON STREET CALL AHEAD PLEASE 2 BOOKS OR 20,000 WE'RE THANKFUL FOR ALL.  LOCAL PICK-UP PACK-UP, CLEAN-UP ARRANGED  FREE OF CHARGE (REMOVAL OF THE BOOKS THAT IS).: HOUSE, WAREHOUSE, BARN, OUTBUILDING, OFFICE, APT.. YOUR LIBRARY GOING DIGITAL WE'LL TAKE AND PRESERVE THE PAPER COPIES YOU GO DIGITAL. SO FAR WE'VE SAVED THE PAPER COPIES OF BOOKS FROM  2 INSTITUTIONS THAT WERE GOING DIGITAL  AND NEED TO RID THEMSELVES OF THE PAPER COPIES TO RENOVATE THEIR SPACE. HAVE A WONDERFUL AND SAFE 2024  BRING UNWANTED BOOKS TO OUR WAREHOUSE AT 184 ROBINSON STREET ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE AMERICAN LEGION PARKING LOT. CALL AHEAD IF YOU NEED BOXES.  CALL AHEAD SO WE CAN PUT THE DOG AWAY AND GET THE HANDTRUCK OUT.

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