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Catalog 13  Rare Books and New Acquisitions

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Rare offprints

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List 19 History of Science

List 20 History of Science 19th and 20th Century offprints

List 21 19th and 20th Century offprints

List 22 19th and 20th Century Offprints

List 23 19th and 20th Century Offprints 

List 24 19th and 20th century Offprints 

List25 19th and 20th Century Offprints

List 26 19th and 20th Century Offprints

List27, Art, Photograpy and Science 

Catalog 10 History of SCIENCE


List 28   Eugenics and Heredity

List29: History of science

Catalog 11  Varia

List 30 History of Science and few others

List 31 History of Science 

List32 History of science: Botany, Cytology, Genetics, Eugenics.

List33 New Arrivals History of Science


List34 New Arrivals History of Science   1872-1968

List35 History of Science  newly cataloged

List 36 History of Science newly cataloged: H.J. Muller, C.C. Little, others with some 19th Century


List 37 Nobel Prize Award Winners

List 38, History of Science:  Correns, Luria, Wright and many others

List 39 Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis


List 40  History of Science 


List41 History of Science

List42  History of Science

List43 History of Science 230 newly cataloged  items


List 44 History of Science


List45 History of Science


List46  History of Science

List 47  History of Science

 List 48  History of Science

List 49  History of Science  Newly Cataloged 

List 50  History of Science


List 51  History of Science

List 52  History of Science

List 53  History of Science

 List 54  History of Science

List 55 History of Science

List 56 History of Science

List 57 History of Science

List 58 Dante and New Arrivals 

List59  Manuscripts and Books 1500-1900

 List 60  New Acquisitions

List 61  New Acquisitions  Italy 16th - 20th Century Rare

List63 Rare Books and Manuscripts

List64 Italy in Manuscript and print

List 65  Italy  Medieval Drama, Religion, History

List66  Mid 19th Century Early 20th Century Manuscripts/Broadsides Italy

Catalog 12 Rare Books and Manuscripts

List 67 Dante and Catholicism

List 68  New Acquisitions


List69  New Acquisitions a



nd Theology


 List 70  history of Science Nobel Prize and

Catalog 13  Law and Order: Rare Books, manuscripts, Archives and history of science sale items

List 72  History of Science

List 73  History of Science sewall Wright/Will Provine Collection

List 74  New Arrivals Art and History of Science

List 75  Archives, Rare Books and History of Science

List 76 Zoology, Botany, Medicine and Rare Books

List 77  Gay and Lesbian Literature in Today's World

 list 78  Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis

List79  History of Science

Catalog 14 Italian History and Historical documents 16th Century through 20th century  

List 80  Rare  books, Archives and History of Science

List 81  History of Science

List 82 more from Sewall Wright/Will Provine Collection 20th Century Offprints

Catalog 15 Rare Books and Archives

 List 83 Sewall Wright Will Provine Collection Offprints 20th Century Evolutionary Biology, Genetics


 ist 86 Further in Sewall Wright Will Provine Collection  Evolutionary Biology


List 87 More from Sewall Wright Will Provine Collection Genetics Offprints

List 88   More from Sewall Wright Will Provine Collection Genetics Offprints

 New   Acquisitions Catalog 13   17th   Century to Present Rare and Collectible

List 88  New Acquisitions and Rare Books

 List92  History of Science  Manuscripts and important offprints

Spring List  Rara Books History of Science, Derrydale Press Sporting.  Manuscripts, Obama, Kennedy, Thatcher, Bush,

list90  Important Woman Scientists 20th Century short List 1a

List91  History of Science  further exploration into our Sewall Wright/ will Provine inventory of offprints

LIST93 RARE AND SIGNED BOOKS and other items of interest from our varied inventory including Modern Literature, Sporting, History of Science  etc,        


Spring List  Rare Books.  Derrydale Press, History of Science, Books and Manuscripts. 

List95  Travel Archives few additions  to History of Science

List 97 History of Science and New Acquisitions

List 98 History of Science with Psychiatry and Eugenics



Lis97 History of Science and New Acquisitions, Rare Books 

List 100  A Miscellany from Inventory

List 102 War and Peace  A Gathering

Mid January List A Law  and History of Science


Late January List C History of Science and New Arrivals