BOOKS BOUGHT OR RECYCLED clean-outs performed at our expense.

We clear out after Library sales and clear out warehouse accumulations from FOLs at our expense and make donations to soup kitchens, food banks, and local organizaionst. with a percentage of the profits.  Never tell a library patron you cannot accept their donations., buy excess donations or dups from institutions for cash or credit. 

We are always in the market for collections in our subject areas.  We purchase fine and rare books regularly.  Our bookbuyer is available in Binghamton most days and can be reached via email at: or via phone at 607-217-4328.  

We do not purchase Textbooks at this time.  

Mostly we are looking to purchase older books from the 15th Century through mid-20th Century in most subjects.  Signed and limited editions are of particular interest. We do not purchase books we cannot sell, and we have over 40 years experience in the book trade, including 21 years selling daily online.  Our offers are firm, and our first offer is our only With our international customers we buy books in most languages except Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

We are  interested in acquiring offprints/reprints in the subjects of: Genetics, Botany, Zoology, Evolution. We acquired one of the largest collections in the History of Science with over 100,000 items.   

Because of the limited market, and the prevalence of copies offered for 1 cent on Amazon, we will accept paperbacks, but will not be able to pay per book.  Offers will be made on boxes of paperbacks only. 

Stained or damaged books will be recycled by us, but we wont be able to pay for them, as the cost of cycling them through our warehouse precludes payment.

If you wish to bring a box or 100 boxes to our warehouse in Binghamton, please give us a call to set up an appointment. We're open to appointments on Wednesday and Friday's mostly, some weekend appointments can be accommodated. 

We also purchase books outside of our Binghamton NY area.  Book donations accepted and profits from donations will be used help  move us closer to opening a shop for browsing as well as suppliment our donations to end hunger programs.