34 offprints Eugenics genetics by Samuel Jackson Holmes 1868-1964

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Title 34 offprints Eugenics genetics by Samuel Jackson Holmes 1868-1964
Author Holmes, Samuel Jackson
Publisher various
Condition Very Good
Description Holmes, Samuel J. 1868-1964 American zoologist and eugenicist. 34 original offprints. First edition. Some have complements of the author on cover. THE PROBLEM OF FORM REGULATION Leipzig, Wilhelm Englemann, 1904. The Selection of Random Movements as a Factor in Phototaxis 1905. The Categories of Variation. 1909. The Tropism and Their Relation to More Complex Modes of Behavior 1912 (bound in boards). Social Amelioration and Eugenic Progress 1919. Some have the stamp of Edmund B. WilsonColumbia College, Geneticist, or the stamp of J. S. Jennings Geneticist and eugenicist (copy has old tape to spine). The Biological Trend of the Negro, 1930; The Interplay of Heredity and Environment, 1929; The Changing Effects of Race Competition, 1938; The Resistant ectoderm of the negro, 1928; The Stabilized Natural Increase of the Negro, and many others. Some have prior owners stamps, or identification of author and date of the item in ink on cover, else very good. * Full list available. First editions. * "Holmes was a vocal proponent of eugenics, particularly in reference to immigration to the United States from Mexico and parts of Asia" Wikipedia


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