The American Biologist (Demonstration issue) 1957

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Title The American Biologist (Demonstration issue) 1957
Author Cleland, Ralph (editor)
Publisher American Institute of Biological Sciences.
Publisher Year 1957
Condition Very Good
Description The editorial on the front page starts "A Biologists' Newspaper?" An interesting concept designed to "To reduce the cost of publication and of journal subscription by the use of newspaper materials and methods, by providing a large circulation to attract advertising, and by reducing the total volume of printed material. (2) To speed up the appearance of articles through weekly publication and the use of newspaper printing techniques;" Includes contributions by: Harlan Lewis, Margaret R. Roberts; Erich Steiner; Richard C. Starr; David G. Frey; Herbert Parker Riley; John D. Kilby; John S. Karling and many others. 8 pages typical broadsheet. Newspaper a bit brittle with some minor splitting at fold.


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