Mad About Theatre (The Applause Critics Circle)

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Title Mad About Theatre (The Applause Critics Circle)
ISBN 1557832609
Author Hornby, Richard
Keywords Theater,--,United,States,--,Reviews,,Theater,--,Great,Britain,--,Reviews,,Theater,--,Canada,--,Reviews
Binding Paperback
Publisher Applause Theatre & Cinema Books
Publisher Year 2000
Condition Fine
Description 1557832609 Book Description Mad About Theatre is a systematic analysis of the major issues confronting our theatre today: The Decline of Broadway; The Generally Poor Quality of American Stage Acting; The Pretentiousness of our Avant-Garde; The Narrowness of our Playwriting; Broadway In Search of a Musical Fix; Subsidized British Theatre in the Age of Thatcher and Beyond; The Inflated Directing of the Classics; The Growing Vitality of our Regional Theatres (in Playwriting as well as Acting and Directing); The Innovative Use of the Theatre by Minority Groups. Mad About Theatre is not only a major contribution to contemporary theatre criticism, but a call to account for a culture in danger of losing its way. Taken together, these reviews from The Hudson Review, weave a powerful indictment against the status quo, while offering a constructive blueprint for the future.


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