A Remarkable and important collection of Offprints in Molecular Biology, Cytology, Genetics over 7500 cataloged offprints

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Title Large collection of Offprints in Molecular Biology, Cytology, Genetics, Evolution, Eugenics, over 7500 items
Author T. H, Morgan, Correns, Boveri, , Zimmer, East, Sewall Wright, Muller, Delbruck, Pincus, Chang, Wllson and many others,
Publisher various, 1892-1985
Condition Very Good
Description Photo was taken prior to cataloging, and cataloged collection is now housed in individual protective sleeves. Arguably the largest group of important offprints available, outside of institutional holdings . Over 7300 offprint groups (some single offprints, some up to 110 offprints in each group), cataloged. Ask about details. Included are important offprints in Molecular Biology, Cytology, early genetics, zoology, botany. PaJaMo Experiment; Timofeev-Resovskij, Zimmer, Delbruck "The Green Paper"; Pincus and Chang Invitro, The Pill; Theodor Boveri, Edmund Wilson, early genetics, many others. Many inscribed, signed, or ownership stamp of early geneticists: Boveri, Edmund Wilson, Correns, and many others. A most important and comprehensive collection of offprints.A very important collection. arguably the most important collection of offprints offered on the open market in decades.. I doubt this collection could be duplicated with original copies in less than  a decade for under  a million dollars  Provenance Will Provine who collected much of it from his friend Sewall Wright


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