Joan Lunden's a Bend in the Road Is Not the End of the Road: 10 Positive Principles For Dealing With Change

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Title Joan Lunden's a Bend in the Road Is Not the End of the Road: 10 Positive Principles For Dealing With Change
ISBN 0688160832
Author Joan Lunden; Andrea Cagan
Binding Hardcover
Publisher William Morrow and Company
Publisher Year 1998
Condition Fine
Description 0688160832 We can't stop changes from occurring, but we can control how we react to them, says Joan Lunden, cohost of Good Morning America for 20 years, who suddenly found herself ending her stint on the show and unsure of her future. She shares her story and her philosophy that change--as negative as it may seem at the time--is an opportunity to grow. The book teaches that "staying even is better than getting even." If you're a fan of Joan Lunden, this book is like listening to her tell her stories for hours. Amidst tidbits of philosophy, Lunden offers flashbacks to memorable incidents on and off the show, such as her first interview with Howard Stern, ice-skating in Central Park with Brian Boitano, training for a Las Vegas dance production, and smashing her alarm clock on David Letterman's show. "Whether it's a breakup, a job change, or a loss of your health or a loved one, you need to learn to change what you can, accept what you can't," says Lunden. Lunden shares the tools that work for her, such as reorganization, relaxation, pampering, hobbies, reflection, exercise, and positive affirmations. --Joan Price From Publishers Weekly As perky and positive as ever, Lunden describes being ousted from her 20-year stint as cohost of Good Morning America. With an abundance of platitudes and clich?s, many presented as chapter titles ("Take the High Road," "Get Glowing, Get Going," etc.), she delivers a pep talk on prevailing through such changes as divorce or the loss of a job, both of which she experienced publicly. Lunden puts a happy face on nearly everything; her advice includes such expressions as "Staying even is always better than getting even" and "If you want to get back at someone, kill 'em with kindness." In between exhortations, however, she reveals herself to be a savvy businesswoman, carefully preparing for every meeting, planning strategies, working hard and always "respond[ing] intelligently" rather than "reacting emotionally." Lunden describes overcoming her fears, taking risks and pushing the envelope with her particular brand of journalism. Flying a U-2 plane, dancing with veteran Vegas showgirls and bungee jumping have all been part of her new role on a series of TV specials called Behind Closed Doors. These specials, fulfilling her ABC contract, along with commercials for Claritin allergy products, are part of Lunden's "new life." What's next for the TV star is not revealed, but "what sometimes seems to be the end is often a new beginning.... We just have to be willing to venture around the bend." 100 color and b&w photos. First serial to Good Housekeeping; major ad/promo; author tour. Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc.


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