8 offprints O. Rosenberg 2 inscribed to Carl Correns

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Title 8 offprints O. Rosenberg 2 inscribed to Carl Correns
Author Rosenberg, O.
Publisher Gerbruder Borntraeger, Berlin, 1903 and others
Condition Very Good
Description 8 offprints from O. Rosenberg botanist and cytologist. Two inscribed to Carl Correns German botanist and geneticist "who is notable primarily for his independent discovery of the principles of heredity, and for his rediscovery of Gregor Mendel's earlier paper on that subject" Wikipedia. 4 have the Kaiser Wilhelm Institut stamp where Correns was the first director. 2 others have the autograph of George F. Atkinson botanist who worked at Cornell University. Very good group of scarce original offprints. First edition. Titles include: Das Varhalten der Chromosomen in einer hybriden Pflanze (1903) some splitting head and heal of spine; Uber die Individualitat der Chromosomen im Pflanzenreich (1904); Zur Kenntnis der Reduktionsteilung in Pflanzen (1905); Tetradenteilung eines Drosera-Bastardes (1904); Uber die Embryobildung in der Gattung Hieracium (1906); Erblichkeitsgesetze und Chromosomen (1906); Uber die Reduktyionsteilung in Drosera (1904) StaatsInstitut ...Botanik..Hamburg stamp front cover; Cytological Studies on the Apogamy in Hieracium (1906). Botany. Cytology. Genetics. Science. *


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