8 offprints by Jaques Loeb 1859-1924 Physiologist and biologist

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Title 8 offprints by Jaques Loeb 1859-1924 Physiologist and biologist
Author jacques loeb
Publisher University of Chicago, 1900 and others
Condition Very Good
Description 8 scarce offprints by Jacques Loeb. Titles included: On Ion-Proteid Compounds and their Role in the Mechanics of Life Phenomena. I. The Poisonous Character of a Pure NaCl Solution (1900); On an Apparently New Form of Muscular Irritability (Contact Irritability?) Produced by Solutions of Salts (Preferably Sodium Salts) whose Anions are Liable to Form Insoluble Calcium Compounds (1901); 2. Further Experiments on Heterogeneous Hybridization in Echinoderms 3. Influence of Calcium and Barium on the Secretory Activity of the Kidney 4. Note on the Galvanotropic Reactions of the Meduse Polyorchis Penicillata A. Agassiz (1904); On Chemical Methods by which the Eggs of a Mollusc (Lottia Gigantea) can be Caused to Become Mature (1905); Uber die Ursachen der Giftigkeit einer reinen Chlornatriumlosung und ihrer Entgiftung durch K und Ca. (1906); Uber die Hemmung der zerstorenden Wirkung neutraler Salzlosungen auf das befruchtete Ei mittels Cyankalium (1910); Uber die Hemmung der Giftwirkung von Hydroxylionen auf das Seeigelei mittels Cyankalium (1910); Warum hemmt Natriumcyanid die Giftwirkung einer Chlornatriumlosung fur das Seeigelie? (1910) Mostly in Very Good condition. Ownership signature of: A. W. Greeley (worked with Loeb at Woods Hole) not to be confused with the Polar explorer. One inscribed "With the Author's Compliments" in pen on front cover. Some have numbers in orange pencil on cover. Some of the other authors associated with the above: Hardolph Wasteneys, John Bruce MacCallum, Frank W. Bancroft.


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