75 original offprints from 1895-1935 Charles B. Davenport

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Title 75 original offprints from 1895-1935 Charles B. Davenport
Author Davenport, Charles B. 1866-1944
Publisher various places, 1895-1935
Condition Very Good
Description *Full list available upon request. Some titles included: Studies in Morphogenesis IV. A Preliminary Catalogue of the Processes Concerned in Ontogeny (1895); A History of the Development of the Quantitative Study of Variation. (1900); Dominance of Characteristics in Poultry (1907); Heredity and Mendel's Law (1907); Heredity of Skin Pigment of Man (1910); Euthenics and Eugenics (1910); Heredity of Hair Color in Man (1909); The New Views of Reversion (1910); Race Crossing in Jamaica (1928); Hearing in Children When Both Parents Have Otosclerosis (1930); Relation Between Physical and Mental Development (1930); Sex Linkage in Man (1930); Mendelism in Man (1932); Character in Mongrels vs. Pure Bred Individuals (1911); The Origin and Control of Mental Defectiveness (1912); Heredity of Skin Color in Negro-White Crosses (1913); The Racial Element in National Vitality (1915); ...etc.. Most are in very good condition with some nicks and creases, a few have torn wrappers and one has a perished spine. Stamps of prior owners including Edmund B. Wilson, Karl Sax, E. M. East, and Julian Huxley. A huge selection of original offprints/reprints in wrappers. Provenance: William B. Provine

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