75 offprints by L. C. Dunn American geneticist

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Title 75 offprints by L. C. Dunn American geneticist
Author Dunn, L. C. Leslie Clarence Dunn
Publisher Various, 1916-1965
Condition Very Good
Description 75 offprints/reprints/extracts. Original. First edition. A few ex-library most are not. A few little soiled, torn, a few chips, overall very good collection. First an inscribed presentation copy signed by the author. Ownership signature or stamps by J. H. Quisenberry, karl sax, F. B. Hutt, Holtfreter, Norman H. Giles and others. Some of the titles included: A Case of Neighboring Loci With Similar Effects with Ernst Caspari (1945), A New Eye Color Mutant in the Mouse with Assymmetrical Expression (1945), Changes in the Degree of Dominance of Factors Affecting Tail-Length in the House Mouse (1942), Stub, A New Mutation in the Mouse with Marked Effects on the Spinal Column (1942), Abnormal Growth Patterns: With Special Reference to Genetically Determined Deviations in Early Development (1941), full title list upon request. * "L. C. (Leslie Clarence) Dunn (born November 2, 1893, Buffalo, New York - March 19, 1974) was a developmental geneticist at Columbia University. His early work with the mouse T-locus and established ideas of gene interaction, fertility factors, and allelic distribution. Later work with other model organisms continued to contribute to developmental genetics. Dunn was also an activist, helping fellow scientists seek asylum during World War II, and a critic of eugenics movements." Wikipedia


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