71 offprints William E. Castle early geneticist

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Title 71 offprints William E. Castle early geneticist
Author William Ernest Castle W. E. Castle
Publisher various, 1909-1951
Condition Very Good
Description A large selection of William E. Castle 1867 ? 1962 offprints dating from 1909 through 1951. Mostly between 1909 and 1935. Most are in good to very good condition with name stamps of other prominent Geneticists including Karl Sax, E. M. East and Sewall Wright (signed and not stamped). Some have splitting at spine, nicks to edges, some have Castle's name in pencil on front cover. Full list to those interested. Including the following (a sample): A Mendelian View of Sex-Heredity (1909), A Successful Ovarian Transplantation in the Guinea-Pig, and its Bearing on Problems of Genetics (1909), The Effect of Selection Upon Mendelian Characters Manifested in One Sex Only (1910), Double Mating of Silk-Worm Moths (1911), The Inconstancy of Unit-Characters (1912), and many others. Genetics. Biology. William Ernest Castle was an early American Geneticist. All as issued in original wrappers. First edition.* Provenance: William B. Provine


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