7 offprints G. A. Levitsky 4 inscribed copies signed

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Title 7 offprints G. A. Levitsky 4 inscribed copies signed
Author Levitsky, Grigorii Andreevich 1878-1942 G. Lewitsky
Publisher Berlin or Leningrad, 1924-1931
Condition Very Good
Description Very good. Few have prior owners name in neat ink: Lester Sharp, E. Heitz. 4 are inscribed copies signed by the author. * Titles included are: Die Chondriosomen in der Gonogrnese bei Equisetum palustre L. (1925); Uber die Chrondriosomen bei den Myxomyzeten (1924); Karyological Investigations on the systematics and phylogenetics of the genus Festuca (1927); Die Bildung bivalenter Chromosomen in der Gonogenese von Beta vulgaris L. (1927); Cytology of the Wheat-Rye Amphidiploids (1931); Transformations of Chromosomes Under the Influence of X-Rays with G. A. Araratian (1931); Experimentally Induced Alterations of the Morphology of Chromosomes (1931). "Levitsky seems to have been the first person to define the karyotype as the phenotypic appearance of the somatic chromosomes, in contrast to their genic contents" Wikipedia. Scarce. Soviet Science. Biology. Genetics. Karyotype. Signed.


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