7 offprints G. A. Levitsky 2 inscribed presentation copies signed

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Title 7 offprints G. A. Levitsky 2 inscribed presentation copies signed
Author Levitsky, Grigorii Andreevich 1878-1942 G. A. Lewitsky
Publisher Leningrad 1926-1940
Condition Very Good
Description Zur Geschichte der fruchtbaren, intermediaren, konstanten Weizen-Roggenbastarde (1932) torn and chipped; Investigation on the morphology of chromosomes (1929) in Russian cyrillic and English "With authors compliments"; Karyo-and genotypical transformations in the process of evolution, Leningrad, 1926 in Russian cyrillic. Inscribed presentation copy signed by the author.G. Lewitsky, H. Shepeleva, and N. Titova Cytology of F1, F2 and F3 of X-Rayed Crepis Capillaris Wallr. Leningrad 1934 In Russian cyrillic and English Inscribed signed by G. Lewitsky; A Cytological Study of the Progeny of X-Rayed Crepis capillaris Wallr. 1940, Japan. On Regularities in Chromosome Transformations Induced by X-Rays, 1934; On The Genotype Control of Structural Chromosome Changes, 1937. Some splitting at spine, Karl Sax, R. R. Gates, and E. M. East ownership stamps on a few covers, else very good. Scarce group of offprints. "Levitsky seems to have been the first person to define the karyotype as the phenotypic appearance of the somatic chromosomes, in contrast to their genic contents" Wikipedia. Scarce. Soviet Science. Biology. Genetics. Karyotype. * Signed. Autograph.


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