6 scarce offprints by Eduard Strasburger 19th Century botanist

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Title 6 scarce offprints by Eduard Strasburger 19th Century botanist
Author Strasburger, Eduard
Publisher Eduard Besold, Leipzig, 1894 and others
Condition Fair
Description Ueber periodische reduktion der chromosomenzahl im entwicklungsgang der organismen. 1894 Die controversen der indirecten kerntheilung Cohen, Bonn, 1884 Poor condition, some mold stains bottom edge, and in crease of one of the plates. Ueber die Bedeutung phylogenetischer Methoden fu?r die Erforschung lebender Wesen : Rede gehalten beim Eintritt in die philosophische Faculta?t der Universita?t Jena am 2. August 1873 Mauke's, Jena, 1874 Dampstaining bottom edge of most pages. Uber reduktionsteilung.1904 Edward b. Wilson stamp. Ueber ein zu Demonstrationen geeignetes Zelltheilungs-Objekt 1879 Botton edge rectangle chip not affecting text. Die Apogamie der Eualchimillen und allgemeine Gesichtspunkte, die sich aus ihr ergeben Gebruder, Leipzig, 1904 George F. Atkinson's American botanist ownership signature. Envelope pasted to inside front cover, "morphology" "Strasburger, E." and Atkinson's signature in black ink front cover. A scarce grouping unfortunately in poor condition. Eduard Strasburger "was the first to provide an accurate description of the embryonic sac in gymnosperms (such as conifers) and angiosperms (flowering plants), along with demonstrating double-fertilization in angiosperms. He came up with one of the modern laws of plant cytology: "New cell nuclei can only arise from the division of other nuclei." and originated the terms cytoplasm and nucleoplasm." Wikipedia


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