54 offprints, reprints Hermann J. Muller Nobel Prize winner

various, various dates
Title 54 offprints, reprints Hermann J. Muller Nobel Prize winner
Author Muller, Hermann J. Herman J. Muller
Publisher various, various dates
Publisher Year
Publisher Location
Condition Very Good
Description *A full list of offprints in this offering is available. Among the ones on offer: Advances in Radiation Mutogenesis Through Studies on Drosophila (1959); Isolating Mechanisms, Evolution and Temperature (1942); The Bearing of the Selection Experiments of Castle and Phillips on the Variability of Genes (1914); The Origination of Chromatin Deficiencies as Minute Deletions Subject to Insertion Elsewhere (1935). Several of the offprints have compliments of the author in stamp or hand, a few have the ownership signature of Sewall Wright, stamps of E. M. East and Karl Sax and others. Most are in very good condition, a few have small nicks and tiny chips to edges. List of Works by H.J. Muller 28 pages listing 383 items dates, titles, and where published. Collecting this many original offprints by Herman J. Muller, if at all possible, would be very difficult. Provenance: William B. Provine


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