52 offprints. Albert Levan Botanist and Geneticist

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Title 52 offprints. Albert Levan Botanist and Geneticist
Author Levan, Albert
Publisher various, mostly 1930s
Condition Very Good
Description A few are tape repaired, some have prior owners name or stamp, else very good. Botanist and Geneticist. 1905-1998. Co-authored the report that humans had 46 Chromosomes and not 48. 52 offprints including duplicates, from a single page to over 100 pages. Mostly 1930s. Four have "with the author's compliments" in ink on the cover. Stamps indicate these were once owned by Karl Sax or E. M. East both prominent Geneticists. Heavy use with torn and chipped spines, some staining, most copies very good though. With the author's compliments include: Zytologische Studien An Allum Schoenoprasum 1936 (three copies one with R.R.Gates stamp, one with Karl Sax's stamp and one with both Carl Sax's stamp and E.M. East's stamp), Cytological Studies in Allium (1931) some staining 10 pages. Others: On Chromosome Fragments in Petunia (2 copies)(1937), Beltrag zur Kenntnis der Chromosomen in der Gattung Dactylls L. 2 copies (1930), Die Zytologie von Allium Cepa X Fistulosum(1936) 2 copies, and many others list available to those interested.*


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