34 offprints from Carl C. Lindegren

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Title 34 offprints from Carl C. Lindegren
Author Lindegren, Carl C. with Gertrude Lindegren and few others
Publisher various, 1932-1953
Condition Very Good
Description A very good group of offprints from this important American geneticist including:Gene Conversion in Saccharomyces (1953), Proximity of Genes Controlling the Fermentation of Similar Carbohydrates in Sacchaaromyces with Gertrude Lindegren (1952), The Genetics of Neurospora 1, 2, 3 (1932,1932, 1933) # 1 has some foxing to cover. Overall this collection is in very good condition. L. C. Dunn stamp on 3 of the offered offprints. * Genetics. Science. Full list available upon request.


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