32 rare offprints by creators of the first Oral Contraceptive Chang, Pincus, Rock, and others

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Title 32 rare offprints by creators of the first Oral Contraceptive Chang, Pincus, Rock, and others
Author Chang, M. C., G. Pincus, Robert F. Slechta, John Rock, Arthur T. Hertig, and others
Publisher Various, 1927 to
Publisher Year 1978
Condition Very Good
Description First separate edition. Offprints. Original wrappers. From the collection of "Robert H. Foote, the Cornell University researcher who pioneered the study of DNA synthesis in the testes, in vitro fertilization and other aspects of reproduction." Los Angeles Times Obituary. Most contain his stamp of ownership. One has minor highlighting and another minor damp-staining, overall in very good condition. Included are: Slechta, Chang and Pincus: Effects of Progesterone and Related Compounds on Mating and Pregnancy in the Rat. (1954); E. B. Harvey, R. Yanagimachi and M. C. Chang: Onset of Estrus and Ovulation in the Golden Hamster (1961); E. B. Harvey and M.C. Chang: Effects of Radiocobalt Irradiation of Pregnant Hamsters on the Development of Embryos (1962); J. M. Bedford and M.C. Chang: Fertilization of Rabbit Ova in Vitro (1962); E. B. Harvey and M.C. Chang: Effects of X-irradiation of Ovarian Ova on the Morphology of Fertilized Ova and Development of Embryos (1963); Elmer B. Harvey and M. C. Chang: Effects of Single and Fractionated X-irradiation of Ovarian Ova on Embryonic Development of the Hamster (1964); Effects of Single and Fractionated Irradiation on the Emrbyonic Development of Hamsters (1964); and 11 others with Chang (list available); John Rock and others: Arthur T. Hertig, John Rock and Eleanor C. Adams: A Description of 34 human ova within the first 17 days of development (1956); William J. Mulligan, Herbert W. Horne, Jr., and John Rock: Cyclic Oral Therapy of Menstrual Disorders (1952); Oral Terramycin Therapy of Chronic Endocervicitis in Infertile Women (1952); John Rock and Arthur T. Hertig: The Human Conceptus During the First Two Weeks of Gestation (1948); Hertig and Rock: A Series of Potentially Abortive Ova Recovered from Fertile Women Prior to the First Missed Menstrual Period (1949); John Rock and Derek Robinson: Effect of Induced Intrascrotal Hyperthermia on Testicular Function in Man (1965); Gregory Pincus and Barbara Saunders: The Comparative Behavior of Mammalian Eggs in Vivo and In Vitro VI. The Maturation of Human Ovarian Ova (1939) Some highlighting; Gregory Pincus: The transplantation of mouse ovaries into the rat (1931); Pincus: Spontaneous Mutation in the House Mouse (1929); Pincus: A Modifier of Piebald Spotting in Mice (1931); W. J. Crozier and G. Pincus: Analysis of the Geotropic Orientation of Young Rats VIII (1933); Pincus: A Comparative study of the chromosomes of the Norway rat (Rattus novegicus Erxl.) and the black rat (Rattus rattus L.) Some dampstaining to spine margin front cover (1927); Hudson Hoagland with Gregory Pincus: Revival of Mammalian Sperm after Immersion in Liquid Nitrogen (1941); B. Ahluwalia, G. Pincus and R.T. Holman: Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency and Its Effects upon Reproductive Organs of Male Rabbits (1967). Reproduction. Oral contraceptive. *


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