22 offprints by Joshua Lederberg mostly with Franz Schrader signature of ownership

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Title 22 offprints by Joshua Lederberg mostly with Franz Schrader signature of ownership
Author Lederberg, Joshua E. L. Tatum and others
Publisher Various
Publisher Year 1959
Condition Very Good
Description A very interesting collection of offprints with Franz Schader's signature of ownership on most copies. Included is a rare pre-printing copy of Gene Recombination in Escherichia coli reprinted from Nature 158:558. 1946. No. 4016, October 19, 1946. On page two next to the names Joshua Lederberg and W. L. Tatum signed by "Josh" Lederberg a note appended to that page indicates " We expect to get printed copies eventually." Some sunning to edges, else very good. Reverse-Mutation and Adaptation in Leucineless Neurospora with Francis J. Ryan L.C. Dunn stamp and name in ink front cover. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol. 32, No. 6, pp. 163-173, June, 1946; A Nutritional Concept of Cancer (1946) Schrader; Cell Genetics and Hereditary Symbiosis (1952) Schrader; The Beta-d-Galactosidase of Escherichia Coli, Strain K-12 (1950) Schrader; Allelic Relationships and Reverse Mutation in Escherichia colu by Esther M. Lederberg (1952) Schrader; Moondust with Dean B. Cowie (1958); Protoplasts and L-Type Growth of Escherichia Coli (1958) with Jacqueline St. Clair Schrader autograph; Phase Variation in Salmonella with Tetsuo Iino (1956) Schrader; Sex in Bacteria: Genetic Studies, 1945-1952 with E. L. Tatum (1953) Schrader; Genetic Studies of Lysogenicity in Escherichia Coli with Esther M. Lederberg (1953) Schrader; Replica Plating and Indirect Selection of Bacterial Mutants with Esther M. Lederberg (1951) Schrader; Detection of Biochemical Mutants of Microorganisms with E. L. Tatum (1946) Schrader; Exobiology: Approaches to Life Beyond the Earth (1960) Schrader; Genes and Antibodies (1959) Schrader; Bacterial Reproduction (1959) Schrader; A View of Genetics (1959) Schrader; Genetic Approaches to somatic cell variation: Summary comment (1958) Schrader; Genetic Transduction (1956) in self-mailer addressed to Franz Schrader from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; Sibling Recombinants in Zygote Pedigrees of Escherichia Coli (1957) Schrader; Linear Inheritance in Transductional Clones (1956) Schrader; Bacterial Protoplasts Induced by Penicillin (1956) Schrader; Serotypic Recombination in Salmonella with Philip R. Edwards (1953) Schrader. A very nice collection mostly from the Franz Schrader collection who was a teacher of Lederberg's at Columbia. "Schrader, Franz. (1891-1962) Professor of Zoology at Columbia University while I was a student there. Successor to EB Wilson tradition in Cytology. His graduate courses was one of my first electives. He had a special interest in spindle mechanisms; and his book Mitosis was the last opus (actually rather thin) before the new era of tubulin studies. etc. My initial interests as a student were in the "physiology of mitosis", and F.S. was not really into that. Sally Hughes Schrader; was equally eminent, but in the gender-bound academic systems of the day could not also get a senior academic position. Pat Brown at Siena College is planning a book on such couples. The Schrader Diaries are in the Columbia Archives." Joshua Lederberg. Mostly in very good condition, a few tears to edges. Name on Lederberg and date of publication in pen or pencil on each. Joshua Lederberg and E. L. Tatum both won the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology. * See Garrison and Morton 255.4 Provenance: William B. Provine


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