20 scarce offprints from Artificial Insemination Pioneer John Hammond 6 inscribed

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Title 20 scarce offprints from Artificial Insemination Pioneer John Hammond 6 inscribed
Author Hammond, John
Publisher Various, 1940s-1950s
Condition Very Good
Description "Sir John Hammond CBE FRS[1] PhD (23 February 1889 - 25 August 1964), was a physiologist, agricultural research scientist, veterinarian known for his pioneering work in artificial insemination." Wikipedia All from the Robert H. Foote (Cornell University AI researcher). First separate edition. Offprint. Original wrappers. Includes: Development of Artificial Insemination in Cattle in England and Wales (1948); Some Possible Causes of Sterility (1953); The Possibility of Artificial Pregnancy in Cattle (1950); Artificial Lactation and Its Uses (1948); The Effects of Climate on Reproduction (1955); The Practical Use of Hormones in Animal Production (1951); Physiology of Reproduction in Relation to Nutrition ((1948-49); Animal Breeding in Relation to Nutrition and Environmental Conditions (1946); Genetic Differences in the Composition of Animal Products (1950); Essential steps to quality in bacon production (nd); The Story of a Research which knows no frontiers (Artificial Insemination) (1955); Hormonal Augmentation of Fertility in Sheep 1. Induction of ovulation, superovulation and heat in sheep with J. Hammond Jr. and A. S. Parkes (1942); Hormones in Fertility (1955); Animal Production Research at Cambridge (1952-53); Endocrine Balance in Relation to Fertility and Sterility (nd); Sterility and habitat (1953); Breeding Sheep for Quantity and Quality of Wool (1955); Physiological Limits to Intensive Production in Animals (1952); Polled Cattle (1950); Nutrition and fertility (nd). All very good few with underlining by Robert Foote, and most with his stamp of ownership. Provenance: William B. Provine. *


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