19 offprints of Albert F. Blakeslee American botanist 1874-1954

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Title 19 offprints of Albert F. Blakeslee American botanist 1874-1954
Author Blakeslee, Albert F.
Publisher vaiouse offprints, 1913-1930
Condition Very Good
Description 19 original offprints in wraps. Some have heavy chipping to edges, tears, but mostly they are in very good condition. Included are: Chromosomal Chimera in Jimson Weed with John Belling (1924) Heavy chipping to top edge; Radium Experiments with Datura (1930); Cryptic Types of Datura (1929); Sexual Dimorphism in Mucorales with J.L. Cartledge, D. S. Welch, and A. D. Bergner (1927); Pollen-Tube Behavior with Reference to Sterility in Datura with J.T. Buchholz (1927); Genetics of Datura (1927) bottom edge torn and chipped; Trisomic Inheritance in the Poinsettia Mutant of Datura (1923) nick to bottom edge. Franz Schrader's signature of ownership front page; Chromosomal Duplication and Mendelian Phenomena in Datura Mutants (1920); Mutations in Mucors (1920); A Unifoliolate Mutation in the Adzuki Bean (1919); Mutations in the Jimson Weed (1919); Sexual Differentiation in the bread molds (1919) tears and chipping to top edge; Inheritable Variations in the Yellow Daisy (Rudbeckia Hirta) tearing to top edge (1916); Conjugation in the heterogamic genus Zygorhynchus (1913) splitting at spine ends; Lindner's Roll Tube Method of Separation Cultures (1915) tear to front wrap; Correlation Between Egg-Laying Activity and Yellow Pigment in the Domestic Fowl with D. E. Warner (1915); Zygospores and Rhizopus for Class Use (1915) tear to top edge; Variability Curve Following Law of Chance (1916); Sexual Reactions Between Hermaphroditic and Dicecious Mucors (1915) "Compliments of Writer" in author's hand. Ownership signature of Franz Schrader on cover. Some have compliments of author stamp. One has Edmund B. Wilson stamp, few Schrader, and others. "He is best known for his research on the poisonous jimsonweed plant and the sexuality of fungi." Wikipedia. * Science. Botany. Offprints.


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