17 offprints by Oscar Riddle American biologist

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Title 17 offprints by Oscar Riddle American biologist
Author Riddle, Oscar
Publisher Various, 1917-1933
Condition Very Good
Description A nice group of offprints with the ownership stamps of The Blandy Experimental Fard, with Orland White signature, E. N. Harvey stamp, Karl Sax, E. M. East, J. T. Baldwin Jr., or others. Very good. Some of the titles included: Differentiating Some Functions of the Anterior Pituitary Hormones (1933), Complete Atrophy of Kidney in Pigeons Following Section of the Ureter (1930), The Comment on Sex in Pigeons Contained in Gerould's Paper on Butterflies (1925), Birds without Gonads: Their Origin, Behaviour, and Bearing on the Theory of the Internal Secretion of the Testis (1925), General Relationship of Hormones to Growth and Development (1942), The Control of Heredity (1928), Blood Calcium in Relation to Sex in Pigeons with Hannah E. Honeywell (1925), The Behavior of Blood-Sugar Values in Heredity with Hannah E. Honeywell (1923), and others (full list available). "Oscar Riddle (September 27, 1877 - November 29, 1968) was an American biologist. He is known for his research into the pituitary gland and for isolating the hormone prolactin." Wikipedia * 2 "with the author's compliments" in pen on cover.


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