15 offprints by Ernest B. Babcock American plant geneticist

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Title 15 offprints by Ernest B. Babcock American plant geneticist
Author Babcock, Ernest B.
Publisher Various, 1934-1949
Condition Very Good
Description A nice group of original offprints by the American plant geneticist Ernest B. Babcock. " Ernest Brown Babcock (July 10, 1877 ? December 8, 1954) was an United States plant geneticist who pioneered the understanding of plant evolution in terms of genetics. He is particularly known for seeking to understand by field investigations and extensive experiments, the entire polyploid apomictic genus Crepis, in which he recognize 196 species." Wikipedia. Most have the ownership stamp of J. T. Baldwin Jr. Some of the titles included are: The Development of Fundamental Concepts in the Science of Genetics, Lisboa, 1949, Cytogenetics and Speciation in Crepis (1947), Endemis in Crepis (1944), New Light on Evolution From Research on the Genus Crepis (1944), Chromosomes and Phylogeny in Crepis III. The Relationship of One Hundred and Thirteen Species (1943) with J.A. Jenkins, Genetic Evolutionary Processes in Crepis (1942) with G. L. Stebbens Jr, and J.A. Jenkins, Systematics, Cytogenetics and Evolution in Crepis (1942), full title list available. Most in very good condition, some have small splitting at head or heal of spine. * Genetics. Science.


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