14 offprints Ludwik Monne 1944-1952

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Title 14 offprints Ludwik Monne 1944-1952
Author Monne, Ludwik some with others
Publisher various, mostly Stockholm, 1944-1952
Condition Very Good
Description 14 offprints in original wrappers. Mostly very good. Most have signature of Johannes Holtfreter (developmental biologist). One is an inscribed presentation copy to Holtfreter signed by Ludwik Monne.* Differential Staining of Various Polysaccharides in Sea Urchin Eggs (1950); w/ Sven Harde, Changes in the protoplasmic properties occurring upon stimulation and inhibition of the cellular activities (1952); w/ Sven Harde, On the cortical granules of the sea urchin egg, 1951; w/ Sven Harde, On the formation of the blastocoele and similar embryonic cavities, 1950; w/ David B. Slautterback, The disappearance of protoplasmic acidophilia upon deamination, 1950; Structure and function of neurones in relation to mental activity, 1948; Structural changes of cell resulting from clotting and liquefaction, 1949; The Action of Narcotics and of Hydrating and dehydrating agents on the structure of the cytoplasm, 1947; and several others. Full list on request. Very good.


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