11 offprints by Franz Schrader

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Title 11 offprints by Franz Schrader
Author Schrader, Franz
Publisher Biological Bulletin and many others, 1936 etc.
Condition Very Good
Description First edition. Offprints. Original wrappers. Science. Genetics. The Kinetochore or Spindle Fibre Locus in Amphiuma Tridactylum, institution stamp on front cover (1936); Touch-and-Go Pairing in Chromosomes, name stamp of Hampton L. Carson on cover (1940); The Formation of Tetrads and the Meiotic Mitoses in the Male of Rhytidolomia senilis Say (Hemiptera Heteroptera) (1940); Heteropycnosis and non-homologous association of chromosomes in Edessa irrorata (Hemiptera Heteroptera), institution stamp on cover (1941); The Spermatogenesis of the earwig Anisolabis maritima Bon. With reference to the mechanism of chromosomal movement, institution stamp on cover (1941); Chromatin Bridges and Irregularity of Mitotic Coordination in the Pentatomid Peromatus Notatus Am. and Serv., institution stamp on front cover (1941); The Cytology of Regular heteroploidy in the genus Loxa (Pentatomidae-Hemiptera), name stamp of Norman H. Giles, Jr. on cover (1945); Regular Occurrence of Heteroploidy in a Group of Pentatomidae (Hemiptera), name stamp of Hampton L. Carson (1945); Autosomal Elimination and Preferential Segregation in the Harlequin Lobe of Certain Discocephalini (Hemiptera) (1946); Three Quarter-Centuries of Cytology (1948); The Chemical Nature of the Acrosome in the Male Germ Cells (1950)


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