The Baffler (No. 12)

Title The Baffler (No. 12)
ISBN 1888984252
Author Frank, Thomas
Binding Paperback
Publisher Baffler
Publisher Year 1999
Publisher Location
Condition Fine
Description 1888984252 Book Description Poetry. Fiction. Cultural Writing. Art. Also, special to this issue: Blood, Sweat, and Tailfins. Edited by Thomas Frank, and featuring work by Rebecca Bohrman, T.C. Frank, Christian Viveros-Faune, Pieree Bordieu & Loic Wacquant, Jim Arndorfer, Sandy Zipp, Christian Parenti, Stephen Duncombe, Brishen Rogers, Bryant Urstadt, Berlatsky, Milelt, Newrith, Mike O'Flaherty, Jay Rosen, Patrick Welch, Lisa Haney, Hunter Kennedy, Le Mule Brian Chippendale, Jay Ryan, Johnny Pane, Thomas Beer, Pam Brown, Dale Smith, and Joshua Clover.


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