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Questions and Answers about Sharks

Title Questions and Answers about Sharks
ISBN 0590413600
Author McGovern, Ann
Binding Paperback
Publisher Scholastic
Publisher Year 1995
Condition Very Good
Description 0590413600 National Science Teachers Association and the Childrens Book Council, 1976. "Middle graders will learn much about these fascinating and mysterious creatures. The question and answer format is appealing and the detailed drawings on every page are distinctive. Worthwhile." Book Description Revised, up-to-date, and basic information about sharks through use of the question and answer format. Young readers will discover a wide assortment of facts that will make the shark much less mysterious - and much more fascinating. They'll find out where sharks live... how sharks find food ... what makes sharks attack people... what scientists still don't know about shark behavior. Boys and girls will be surprised to know that a shark can "feel" if a fish is good to eat just by bumping into it... that some large sharks get a new set of teeth every two weeks... and that most sharks are not dangerous!

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