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Genetics of Style-Length in Oxalis

Genetics of Style-Length in Oxalis

Title Genetics of Style-Length in Oxalis
Author Fisher, R.A. and Martin, V.C.
Publisher Nature, Vol. 162, p. 533, October 2
Publisher Year 1948
Condition Very Good
Description "Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher FRS[2] (17 February 1890 - 29 July 1962) was an English statistician, evolutionary biologist, geneticist, and eugenicist. Fisher is known as one of the chief architects of the neo-Darwinian synthesis, for his important contributions to statistics, including the analysis of variance (ANOVA), method of maximum likelihood, fiducial inference, and the derivation of various sampling distributions, and for being one of the three principal founders of population genetics. Anders Hald called him "a genius who almost single-handedly created the foundations for modern statistical science",[3] while Richard Dawkins named him "the greatest biologist since Darwin"." Wikipedia. Science. Genetics. Ink mark changing number from 17 to 25 (Author?). *

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