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Full Stop

Title Full Stop
ISBN 0449223000
Author Smith, Joan
Binding Paperback
Publisher Fawcett
Publisher Year 1997
Condition Fine
Description 0449223000 From Publishers Weekly New York City's bureau of tourism won't thank Smith for this latest Loretta Lawson escapade. The city is shown at its anxiety- provoking worst as the brilliant British feminist academic, who appeared most recently in What Men Say, stops off for a long weekend on her way home from Berkeley to Oxford. Toni, the colleague with whom Loretta was planning to stay, deserts her for the weekend, leaving behind only Honey, her English bulldog, who is something of an acquired taste. Trouble begins when Loretta receives a lengthy obscene phone call. The phone company refers Loretta to their counseling hotline, and the folks at the police precinct have bigger things on their minds. After she's propositioned at the theater, Loretta becomes convinced-for the remainder of her weekend-that she is being followed by either her spurned admirer or the obscene caller. As if that weren't bad enough, the weather is hot and steamy, as Smith relentlessly reminds readers at the start of every chapter. In something of a travelogue, Loretta is hassled or threatened in many of the city's best-known spots-the Metropolitan Museum, Battery Park, Ellis Island. She is generally so grimly earnest, bewildered and edgy that readers will be thankful for the comic relief supplied by the dog. The plot succeeds in being menacing, and Loretta solves her problem resourcefully, but Smith's open admiration of her heroine gets in the way, especially of the finale. Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition. From Booklist British professor Loretta Lawson concludes a three-month stay in the U.S. with a weekend stopover in New York City to visit her old friend Toni. But Toni, off on a mysterious weekend trip, leaves Loretta to apartment-sit. It only gets worse: a heat wave hits the city, Loretta receives a series of obscene phone calls, a mysterious stalker appears to be following her, and her ex-husband, who's also in town, seems to have a new drug habit. When Loretta tries to explain her fears to anyone who'll listen--her agent, her ex-husband, the police, and even strangers in the street--no one is the least bit interested except for one strangely helpful police detective. Smith's novel is a disorienting cross between surreal horror story and Murphy's Law run amok, with the usually sensible Loretta turning ditzy and disoriented. More mishmash than murder mystery, the book still manages to offer an entertaining variation on a familiar theme: out-of-towners victimized in the Big Apple. Emily Melton --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

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