Eleadership: Proven Techniques For Creating An Environment Of Speed And Flexibility In The Digital Economy

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Title Eleadership: Proven Techniques For Creating An Environment Of Speed And Flexibility In The Digital Economy
ISBN 0743204387
Author Annunzio, Susan
Keywords Organizational,change,,Leadership
Binding Hardcover
Publisher Free Press
Publisher Year 2001
Condition Fine
Description 0743204387 Amazon.com Susan Annunzio's eLeadership is designed for savvy Old Economy managers who recognize that things like telecommuting and T-1 lines are in their futures, but who aren't exactly sure how to integrate such aspects of the techno-revolution into their organizations without sacrificing control and their current positions. Change-management specialist Annunzio says that established structures and cultures must first be transformed, and the key is a flexible but fast-paced leadership style rooted in a five-step process that "will show you how to attack your environmental problems, how to model and encourage the right behavior, and how to make your words and actions match--so you can speed up your organization, inspire your young, cynical, or dispirited employees, and move forward into the New Economy." The crux of her plan is the 20/60/20 Rule, which calls for using the top 20 percent of a workforce to influence the middle 60 percent and diminish the power of the bottom 20 percent. In detailing this and other principles (Ask the Unaskable, Speak the Unspeakable; Make Loud Statements; Communicate Irreverently; Celebrate Heroes), Annunzio incorporates real-life examples and practical checklists to help ease a transition that will fundamentally alter any business that employs them. --Howard Rothman From Publishers Weekly Annunzio, consultant with Nextera Enterprises, says that today's CEOs and managers must take a fresh approach to work, even if they're not actively involved in the Internet economy. With changes occurring almost continuously, executives need to recruit the best employees, encourage radical thinking and foster communication (especially among younger workers). Annunzio gives a rare and detailed treatment of the workplace relationship between generations X and Y. Enhanced by real-life examples, her points are sharpened by bulleted lists. Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.


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