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Breaking Out of Food Jail: How to Free Yourself from Diets and Problem Eating, Once and for All

Title Breaking Out of Food Jail: How to Free Yourself from Diets and Problem Eating, Once and for All
ISBN 0684811936
Author Antonello, Jean
Binding Paperback
Publisher Touchstone
Publisher Year 1996
Condition Very Good
Description 0684811936 8.5 x 5.6 x 0.7 inches From Booklist Although not written by a celebrity doctor, this is an important food-behavior book. Nutritionist and nurse Antonello has studied eating disorders to determine causes and discover solutions. The American way of losing weight involves famine, which eventually triggers feast, all of it becoming a vicious cycle of undereating and overeating. Throw out the bathroom scale, says Antonello. Eat until you feel satisfied. Those sensible rules, along with eight others, are well illustrated in self-administering questionnaires, very personal tales of diet addictions and food disorders, and emotional arguments and rational facts to prove that listening to your body is the best weight-control program existent. Barbara Jacobs Book Description FINALLY YOU CAN SET YOURSELF FREE If you've tried every diet out there, if you've counted every gram of fat, every last calorie and every meal exchange, and you're still fighting the food wars, it's time for Breaking Out of Food Jail, a commonsense approach to food, eating, and appetites. Jean Antonello's practical, step-by-step program pinpoints and eliminates the most common cause of eating problems -- the fear of overeating. That's right -- if you've tried everything and you're still battling your appetite, it's probably because you're not getting enough to eat at the right time. When you deprive your body of food for any reason -- and as you do on most diels -- your body goes into a famine state. Your hunger soars, along with cravings for fatty foods and sugars -- the foods your body can most quickly turn into stored fuel to protect you from starvation. If you're like most dieters, you eventually respond to those signals by bingeing. And then you go back to your restrictive eating and start the cycle all over again. Breaking Out of Food Jail will release you from this trap and show you: * How not eating enough results in cravings, overeating, disturbed eating behavior, and weight gain * How the "feast or famine" pattern undermines even the most conscientious eater * How to have a normal relationship with food -- including learning to eat whenever you're hungry and stopping when you are full * Why most eating problems are not psychological but physiological * How to prevent eating problems in children and young adults by teaching kids how to tune into their hunger and eat right Filled with self-tests, affirmations, simple exercises, and the latest research on dieting, as well as Jean's list of "real foods" that should be in every refrigerator and pantry, Breaking Out of Food Jail will transform your relationship with food and your body and eliminate dieting from your life, once and for all.

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