Autograph Letter signed from Gregory Corso to anthology publishers 1 sheet 2 sides in ink.

Robinson Street Books: Used and Rare
Offers a book of 5 short Plays to Arthur and Kit knight Tivoti Publishers. "City Lights wants to but 
I feel their offer of 200 Dollars and 7 cents on the dollar- Well, I Feel I could do better, considering    I haven't had a book out in 10 Years. Think about it - I don't expect much, but Ferlinghetti is hardly equitable- I know if you did a nice job, like your other books, it shall sell okay. Distribution is thr name of the game, - can you distribute?, Whatever give it some thought. Besides Ferlinghetti hasn't published a good book in eons.Approx 8 x 6 on ruled paper torn from notebook. An interesting letter from one of the seminal members of the Beats, and not such kind words about Ferlinghetti and City Lights. Letter is undated


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