Appeasement: A Study In Political Decline, 1933-39

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Title Appeasement: A Study In Political Decline, 1933-39
Author Rowse, A. L.
Keywords History,,Politics
Binding Hardcover
Publisher Norton
Publisher Year 1961
Condition Very Good
Jacket Condition Good
Description Henry Steele Commager says: "What a fascinating book it is! I read it at one sitting, it was so exciting. It is a book with much wider implications than might appear at first glance, for it raises a basic question of politics: how can men who are good, upright intelligent and trained to public service make such fantastically bad mistakes of judgment and of conduct. How Rowse brings it all back-the sense of rushing into the abyss, the desperate feeling that nothing could save us,the impatience amounting to despair with good men who did wrong." Dust jacket inner folds clipped.


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