Alexander Hollaender 60 offprints leading researcher in radiation biology

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Title Alexander Hollaender 60 offprints leading researcher in radiation biology
Author Hollaender, Alexander
Publisher various, 1950s
Condition Very Good
Description 1983 recipient of the Enrico Fermi Award. Includes: Protection and recovery from radiation damage, 1957 (3 copies), Educational Activities of The Biology Division of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Modification of Radiation Response, 1956 (3 copies), New Developments in Radiation Protection and Recovery, 1959, The Influence of Chemical Pre- and Posttreatments on Radiosensitivity of Bacteria, and their significance for higher organisms, 1956, Modification of Radiation-induced Genetic Damage, 1956, Studies on the Mechanism of Radiation Protection and Recovery with Cysteamine and b-Mercaptoethanol, 1955, Modification of Radiation Damage After Exposure to X Rays, 1954 (2 copies), The Use of Action Spectra for the Evaluation of Some Basic Biological Problems, 1954, (2 copies), Physical and Chemical Factors Modifying the Sensitivity of Cells to High-Energy and Ultraviolet Radiation, 1952, (2 copies), Somatic Effects of Low-Intensity Radiation at Different Levels of Biological Organization, 1958, Initial Steps in Radiation Damage to Chromosomes and Means of Preventing This Effect, 1960, Effect of Oxygen Tension and Certain Chemicals on the X-Ray Sensitivity of Mutation Production and Survival, 1951, Modification of Radiation-Induced Genetic Damage, 1956, and others. Many duplicates. Most in very good condition, a few damp-stained. Some have prior owners name, such as L. C. Dunn (Columbia), W. R. Singleton Science. Radiation. Biology. *


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