60 offprints Raymond Pearl American biologist

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Title 60 offprints Raymond Pearl American biologist
Author Pearl, Raymond
Publisher Various 1901-1926
Condition Very Good
Description Full list available. A large selection of offprints by Raymond Pearl American biologist 1879-1940. "Pearl is regarded as one of founders of biogerontology." Wikipedia. Several of the offprints are presentation copies. Some contain the stamps of: Edmund B. Wilson, Karl Sax, E. N. Harvey and Dept. of Zoology Univ. of N. Carolina. Most are in very good condition, a few are chipped at edges, and a few have insect damage. Overall a large group of uncommon offprints. First editions. Original wraps. Some of the titles included: Studies on the Effects of Electricity on Organisms. II - The Reactions of Hydra to the Constant Current (1901); On The Mortality Due to Congenital Malformations, with Especial Reference to the Problem of the Relative Vatiability of the Sexes (1903); The Nature of the Stimulus Which Causes a Shell to be Formed on a Bird's Egg w/ Frank M. Surface (1909); Biometrics (1909); Experiments in Breeding Sweet Corn w/Frank M. Surface (1910); A Case of Hypospadias in a Ram (1912); Genetics and Eugenics: A Consideration of the Relation of Animal Experimentation to Human Inheritance and Infant Conservation (1912); and many others. Science. Offprints. Genetics. Antiquarian. *


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