17 offprints from Nobel Prize and Crafoord Prize winners Muller, Mayr, Beadle, McClintock

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Title 17 offprints from Nobel Prize and Crafoord Prize winners Muller, Mayr, Beadle, McClintock
Author Muller, H.J. Ernst Mayr Barbara McClintock and G. W. Beadle
Publisher Various, 1930-1986
Condition Very Good
Description 17 original offprints from Nobel Prize winners Muller, Beadle and McClintock and Crafoord Prize winner Mayr. From the collections of A. J. Cain, Norman H. Giles, Hamton L. Carlson, Franz Schrader. Titles and conditions follow: Man's Place in Living Nature by Muller (1956) Institute stamp front cover; Maize Genetics by McClintock (1946) with ownership signature of Schrader; Geographic Variation and Plumages in Australian Bowerbirds (Ptilonorphynchidae) with Kate Jennings Arthur Cain's monogram in red pencil with number 358 on front cover with the number 100 scribbled out;Chromosome Organization and Genic Expression by McClintock, 1961 with Norman H. Giles' stamp; Maize Genetics (1944) by McClintock, Hampton L. Carson's stamp; Cytogenetic Studies of Maize and Neurospora (1947) Giles stamp; The Relation of Homozygous Deficiencies to Mutations and Allelic Series in Maize (1944) a bit of soil front cover, Carson's stamp; Genetical and Cytological Studies of Medelian Asynapsis in Zea Mays by G. W. Beadle, a smudge front cover, else very good; The Origin and Behavior of Mutable Loci in Maize (1950) Giles stamp front cover; A Review of the Genus Acantbiza Vigors and Horsfield by Mayr and D. L. Serventy (1938) with Arthur Cain's monogram front cover and title page; Die systematische Stellung der Gattung Fringilla by Mayr with R. J. Andrew and R. A. Hinde (with best wishes in ink front cover, in unknown hand); Artbildung und Variation in der Halcyon-Chloris Gruppe by Mayr, no date; New Species and Subspecies of Birds from the Highlands of New Guinea (1951) by Ernst Mayr and E. Thomas Gilliard; Biological Materials Part I. Preserved Materials and Museum Collections by Mayr with Richard Goodwin (1956) Arthur Cain's monogram front cover, with the author's names and date in ink front cover; Theoretisches zur Geschichte des Vogelzuges by Mayr with Wilhelm Meise (1930) Arthur Cain's monogram fron cover; The Ribbon-Tailed Bird of Paradise (Astrapia Mayeri) and its Allies by Mayr and E. Thomas Gilliard (1952); Uncertainty in Science: is the giant panda a bear of a raccoon? by Ernst Mayr (1986). Most are in very good condition. Offprints. First edition. *

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