12 offprints Charles J. Chamberlain 9 are inscribed

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Title 12 offprints Charles J. Chamberlain 9 are inscribed
Author Chamberlain, Charles J.
Publisher Various 1905-1929
Condition Very Good
Description 12 offprints from Charles J. Chamberlain 1863-1943 American botanist. 2 are inscribed to Edmund B. Wilson and 2 are inscribed to Lester W. Sharp. The titles follow: Alternation of Generations in Animals from a Botanical Standpoint (1905) inscribed presentation copy to Edmund B. Wilson; Spermatpgenesos om Dioon Edule (1909) defective copy with a number of drawings from plates removed and one plate added. Inscribed presentation copy to Lester W. Sharp; Fertilization and Embryogeny in Dioon Edule (1910) Inscribed presentation copy to Lester W. Sharp. Some chipping to edges else very good; Nuclear Phenomena of Sexual Reproduction in Gymnosperms (1910); A Phylogenetic Study of Cycads (1915); Stangeria Paradoxa (1916); An Evaluation of the Structural Evidence for Genetical Relationships in Plants (1929) Back blank page badly torn; Comparative Morphology of Cytoplasm and Chromatin (1925) E. B. Wilson's name added to inscription with different ink color; Hybrids in Cycads (1926); Prothallia and Sporelings of Three New Zealand Species of Lycopodium (1917); Grouping and Mutation in Botrychium (1920) J. C. Schoute stamp on cover; The Living Cycads and the Phylogeny of Seed Plants (1920) J. C. Schoute stamp on cover. First edition. Original wraps. Science. Botany. Antiquarian. "Charles Joseph Chamberlain, born 23 February 1863 and died 5 January 1943, is known for bringing zoological techniques to bear on plant study, microscopic studies of the tissue and the cell in particular." The NAHSTE project. University of Edinburgh. *

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